Customize the basic mqtt node


I want to use the basic components "MQTT IN" and "MQTT OUT" and modify them a bit in order to have other possible attributes in their properties.

Where can I find their basic files (.js, .html, .json) so that I can make some changes to test them ?

Thanks for your help.

they are here
or in your node-red install folder node_modules/@node-red/nodes/core/network

Before you make these changes, what do you want to achieve? (other people also are interested in that so a feature request / pull request discussion could help)


Thanks for the answer!

I would like to send/receive data from an MQTT broker securely (TLS). That's why I would like for example to block some options in the existing node (e.g. not to let any more the possibility to use an unsecured connection) and add other fields that would be useful in my development.

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