Node-RED Mqtt 5 support

I have an existing project using Mqtt 5 (user properties, etc) and would like to tie in Node Red. However, without Mqtt 5 support, I'm not able to do this. Any recommendations?

Help migrate the existing node ?

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Thanks, and that's something I'd definitely consider. I've searched for information regarding MQTT 5 support, but came up empty. While not new to Node-RED, I am new to the community, so I thought I'd start by checking to make sure I wasn't missing a major roadblock or reinventing the wheel.

MQTT.js seems to be a popular node.js library but it's v5 feature is claimed as experimental though it seems to have a number of properties dedicated to it.

Mosquitto also seems to support it as a broker.

I guess a good starting point is to think about what is different in v5? Does it need different settings? Or is it transparent?

What would be needed in the NR client? Just another check-box like for 3.1.1?