MQTT 5 message properties

I am working with Node red 1.2 latest release. When I am publish message to MQTT broker v5 content type and payloadformatIndicator property being passed as null. I could not see any option to set this properties in Node-red tool. I already tried with payload type JSON but it doesn't seem to be setting up content-type property

What are the ways to set content-type and payloadformatindicator property with node-red tool ?

The existing mqtt node only supports MQTT 3.1. There is an outstanding pull request to add v5 support

Hi @tetrived as @dceejay says, MQTT V5 support is not ready but if you are willing to feedback, I can provide you with instructions to run the node-red branch with MQTT v5 support?

To answer your questions, the MQTT v5 branch does indeed support content-type and payloadformatindicator (and user properties and alias and correlation data)

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Hello Steve,

That would be great help. Could you please provide me the branch and build information ?

Thanks again


You will find some implementation details here

As for running the MQTT 5 branch...

first ensure the directory you start from does not already have a sub-directory of node-red as this will be created when you git clone

  1. git clone
  2. git checkout mqtt5
  3. cd into the newly created node-red directory
  4. npm install
  5. npm run build
  6. npm run start

please feedback your thoughts and experiences - it could be vital in getting this merged.


thanks Steve. it is working


When are we planning to release this new release with mqtt v5 properties ?

It is being worked on - hopefully soon - depends.

What part of MQTT V5 is it you are really needing? User Properties? Response Topic? Other?

It is important you let me know.


Hello Steve,

We are also looking for way to pass content type and format i.e. UTF8 as a part of Last Will , Disconnect and birth message of node-red .

We are using the same build you have provided for mqtt5 properties, but it won't pass this properties for last will and birth message.

Is there any way or solution to this ?

That's not implemented (yet). And with the code almost ready for inclusion in next beta I might not have time to prepare it.

I will consider your request later tonight.

Hello Steve,

Any updates on when are we going to release 1.3 with mqtt5 updates ?



MQTT V5 is merged into dev branch and will be present in V1.3 beta but i am not in a position to comment on when it will drop. All I can say is keep your eyes on the forum over the coming days.

sounds about right :slight_smile:

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