Encoding UTF-8 option is missing in Node Red v1.3.4

Hi All,

I was using the Node Red 1.3.0-beta.1 version & I was seeing encoding feature in MQTT nodes where I was able to set encoding as UTF-8.

But the same feature is not available in latest Node Red v1.3.4.
Can anyone help me how to set encoding as UTF-8 in MQTT nodes in latest version.


which MQTT node(s)? "MQTT in" "MQTT Out" "MQTT config"?

can you do a screenshot explaining where you seen this / where it is missing from?

are you referring to the MQTT V5 option "Payload Format Indicator"?

Yes I was referring about the format indicator.

I was seeing this format option in v1.3.0-beta.1 but not able to see in the latest node red as shown in above image.

When MQTT v5 integration was finalised, this was removed (for reasons I cannot answer).


  • are you connected to a V5 type MQTT broker & are you using the V5 "Payload Format Indicator" in your applications?
  • Is this actually causing you an issue?
  • Are you validating the payload & issuing a PUBACK, PUBREC, or DISCONNECT with Reason Code of 0x99 (Payload format invalid) as described in section 4.13.

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