Payload not decoded

The NODE RED Test case as of now is moving forward to another test case. A solution to this issue is still being assessed.

Hi @sn19 could you share us more information about your node-RED project (your flow)?
Could you use an MQTT client to overview all your MQTT messages, f.e.
MQTT Explorer

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Is that coming from node-red? If not then where does node-red come into this?

If it is coming from node-red then feed it into a debug node and show us what it looks like in the debug pane, using a screenshot.


The payload ive shown is in the mosquitto broker subscriber instance. Ive tried to publish messages onto the NODE RED as subscriber and Mosquitto as publisher. It either has decoding problems or is unable to display the message. Could you tell me on how to publish sparkplug B message using mosquitto as publisher via the cmd?

Sorry, I don't know what that means. Do you mean a node red MQTT node subscribing to the topic? If so then send it to a debug node and show us what you see. If you don't mean that then what do you mean?

What is the 'it' in that sentence? Node-red?

What do you mean by 'via the cmd'? Has that question got anything to do with node-red?