Dark Sky in Dashboard


Anyone around here that know how i can get the dat gatherd by darksky in to my dash with text nodes?



What have you tried?
What data do you want to appear?



already figured it out. the reason it was’t working the first time was of a typing error (new keyboard>.<)
i just used a function node with

msg.payload = msg.payload.maxtemp return msg



If all you need to do is pull a single value out of your payload structure, it’s probably clearer to use a change node – configure it to “Move” msg.payload.maxtemp “to” msg.payload

Just sayin’…

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As has been suggested to you in other threads in this forum, please share the details of what you have tried when you ask a question. That way we know where you are starting from and can give suitable advise. Your opening question here was very broad and impossible to give a direct answer to.