Dashboad chart zoom and data storage capacity for node red


  1. Zoom in and zoom out function:
    If I have chart on dashboard with a graph for data with respect to time for 1 day and
    I want to Zoom in values for a particular time period , example 1 min or 30 second, then how can I do that? Zoom in and zoom out function

  2. Storage capacity:
    Also,I want to know for how long the node red can store the data in dashboard in chart ?
    I want to store data for 18 weeks and then I want to zoom data for particular hour and second.

Thnaking you

For that sort of application you might be better to look at using influxdb for storing the data and grafana for displaying the charts.

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Hello Colin,

Thank you for the reply,
So, with node red its not possible ?


It is certainly possible to do the UI in node-red, but it will be complex. Using influxdb and grafana you will get a much superior result with less effort. There will still be a significant learning curve though. Also, what I have suggested is partly node-red. The collection of data and saving it to influxdb would still be done in node red. In fact, even if you were implementing the UI in the dashboard I would still recommend using Influxdb for storing the data.


I was able to implement it with imflux db and grafana. Thanks
But, for any chnage done in node red, it gets very slow. any solution for that ?


What gets very slow? What change are you making in node red and what then takes a long time?

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