Dashboard 2.0 - Where we are, and what’s next?

The Dashboard 2.0 project is the next generation of the very popular Node-RED Dashboard nodes. This new project is making great progress towards feature parity plus adding new UI widgets.

FlowFuse is the main sponsor of Dashboard 2.0 so we are hosting a webinar to update the community on the current project status and provide details of what's next. During the webinar, Joe Pavitt, Dashboard 2.0 project leader, will demo the current state of the project, discuss the roadmap and take lots of questions from the community. Anyone using the existing dashboard nodes or interested in creating dynamic dashboards in Node-RED will be interested in this webinar.

Sign-up today to join us on October 26.

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I think that should read... October 26th (as September has gone).

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Good point. Correction has been made. Thanks!

Could you add the time in UTC to the signup page please, for those of us not on CET or ET (whatever that is)?


I'm ashamed to say that I missed the first hour of a recent webinar, as my CET time calculations didn't work out!!

Will it be recorded to watch later?

They are usually posted a few days later in FlowFuse • Bespoke, flexible, and resilient manufacturing applications

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We will also email anyone who has registered a link to the recording. We try to do this within 24 hours of the webinar.

The time is UTC +2

CET == Central European Time
ET = Eastern Time

Edit: Stuff & nonsense redacted

Can you link to the information source that says parts of Europe will change on October 26th? It is my understanding Europe will change their clocks on October 29.

Umm I saw it somewhere but I can't find it now!

You are right (of course), timeanddate.com says " CET will be observed in Brussels starting from 29 Oct 2023, 03:00"

I no longer trust myself to translate the start time to BST: 18:00 ?

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The start time is 16:00 BST.

I thought CET is always UTC+1, in which case it is the same as BST, so that is 17:00 BST.

It's a gateway test to ensure that our IQ is sufficient to enable worthwhile contributions to the webinar.
We 3 have obviously failed :rofl:

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I clicked Add to Google Calendar on the invite and it has put it at 16:00 BST!

Unfortunately, it looks like I have confused the situation. The Google Calendar invite is correct. The webinar will be at 16:00 BST.

To be clear, for central Europeans it is at 17:00 CEST.

It will be at UTC + 2, not at UTC + 1 as I previously stated.

So is it at 15:00 UTC?

I love all the confusion around time zones :slight_smile:

Maybe use UTC next time, it's universal.


AKA "Zulu time" AKA GMT. :rofl: