FlowFuse Platform Update

Hey everyone. We are hosting a webinar looking back on the last 3 years of FlowFuse and doing a platform update highlighting some of the latest features at the end of the month on April 30th.


Google, based on the confirmation of registration, has put this in my calendar at 0400 BST on 1st May, 11PM Eastern time. I assume this is not correct.

Yep -same here

Not sure if the article has been updated but it shows 30 Apr, 2024 17:00 CET

Which is 16:00 BST (British Summer Time) in the UK (isn't it?)

Yes, that says 11:00 am ET, but the confirmation says 11:00 pm ET

Thank you all. Adjusted. It should have been 11 am est and has been corrected to reflect that.


I am just getting ready to join the meeting, but Zoom says that I must login to a commercial zoom account to join it.