Dashboard 2 - Form - New FR


Is it possible to consider below 2 Feature Requests for the current Form Node

1 Allow option to add DropDown as an element. User may define comma separated options - or send them via. msg.

This would make the Form element much more

2 Currently Form allows elements to defined in one column or 2 columns. Extend this to user defined option (or better like Dashboard groups - allow each element to have a user defined size - thereby making the layout of the form fully user managed if required)


Please consider raising a git feature request so that your request is properly assessed and recorded.
Pull Request are also very much welcomed by the Node-RED team :wink:

Done. 2 new FRs raised. Each separate.


The biggest challenge here (I'll document this on the FR too) is the configuration UI within the Node-RED Editor, it'd be a nested editable list inside an editable list. The injection of msg.options or string defined JSON object could be a way to go as a first iteration though - thanks for the idea!

Linking Issues for future reference:

Agree - this can be option to start with. Maybe a typed input giving the name of the msg attribute to take options from.

Thanks .