Dashboard-auth.js empty request body

Hi All,

I've recently changed two things in settings.js as follows:

httpAdminRoot: "/editor",
ui: {path: "/", middleware: require("./dashboard-auth")},

Previously, the 'ui' path was "/ui" and httpAdminRoot was commented (so defaulted to '/'). After the changes, when I get a request in dashboard-auth.js, the request body is empty. I don't know if it has to do anything with this post:

But that one mentions: " We just get the admin UI away form the default path by setting something like httpAdminRoot: '/admin', in settings.js and voila - the request is unparsed in httpNodeMiddleware ."

The problem is actually that when a user sends the data of a form via post, I don't see the data in the request body any more as it's just empty.

Does anyone have any hint?

Best regards,

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