Dashboard Chart different Y Axis per Topic

Hello Gentlemen,
May I know if it is possible to make our Dashboard Chart having different YAxis per topic?
I have 2 topics that has a big difference on the values, and my chart doesn't look good for that. That is why I am asking if possible to make two YAxis for each topic?.

Thanks !

not with the simple charting we have available no.
Either rescale of your number ranges to something more equivalent (can you use milli... or kilo... ?) or you will need to use a ui_template and a different charting package.

Thanks for the prompt answer and insights Sir. Hopefully in the near future we could have this options in our Dashboard Charts.

It is possible to create left and right axes

msg.ui_control = {options: {
        scales: {
            yAxes: [{
                id: 'left-y-axis',
                type: 'linear',
                position: 'left',
                ticks: {
                    suggestedMin: 0,
                    suggestedMax: 1000
            }            , {
                id: 'right-y-axis',
                type: 'linear',
                position: 'right',
                ticks: {
                    suggestedMin: 0,
                    suggestedMax: 10
delete msg.payload
return msg;

But I'm not sure if live data can be managed to follow the configuration. Probably not.

Thanks my friend, I actually saw this on internet, just dont know how to use it. Thanks for sharing your insight!

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