Tabular plots representation

I would like to represent the following trend plots in a tabular format - meaning the dashboard displays two graphs besides each other instead of this representation:

create a second group and move the ones you want to that group

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Or make the group wider and put them side by side in the one group.

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Thank you!

Is it possible to have two Y axis for the top and bottom right corner of the plots?

I would like to amplify the error for better representation so that the plots should have two Y axis

Is this an entirely new question? If so then better to start a new thread as this one is marked as solved. When doing that please try and explain the problem better, I don't understand what you mean.

OK. I will do so. thanks for the suggestions, I agree the question is directly relevant to trends of the right corner plots but not the topic of the discussion.

To illustrate a bit more on the question I meant to ask about the possibility of coding two Y axis in one chart. For example, in the chart below - the top trends are the actual and predicted time-serieses and the bottom trend is their difference i.e., output prediction error - I want to see if it is possible to have the left side Y axis for the top trends and the right side Y axis for their difference.

No, I do not believe that is possible.

It is possible but takes a bit more than the chart note provides.
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