Dashboard chart settings - font, point colour, axis labels etc

Hi - Does anyone know how to change the dashboard chart settings please? I am looking to customise the font size, tick marks, marker colours etc. I've inpsected the CSS elements and it seems the chart is a chart.js iframe. Does this mean I have to change the chart.js settings? How can I do this please?


Something you can definitely find from those examples:

Thanks. This is great help. Would you be able to tell where I can find the documentation for msg.ui_control, if there is any?

Good place for every node is the Readme. And ofcourse the dashboard has one. GitHub - node-red/node-red-dashboard: A dashboard UI for Node-RED

Thanks. Should have looked here first. And I guess for the full options I can just refer to angular-chartjs options for the full list as per the readme. Marked as solved.

I've looked around more on the forum and noticed that there is another way to make changes other than the link you shared. In another answer you gave, you used a template node to modify the chart properties. Is this the only way to modify the datasets settings so I can set fill: true and modify background colours? Should this be a separate question?

Using the underlying library directly gives access to the datasets. It is not that much different question cos the outcome is still chart but yes, the technique changes and the syntax vary and yes, you'll have more options to play with. Like multiple chart types on same chart and so on.

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