Dashboard controlling multiple omxplayer on different rpi

Is it possible to control omxplayers on different rpi devices but using only one central dashboard? I couldn’t seem to find a way in the forums or general Google searches. I have two different rpi devices that need to play omxplayer videos on each, but I want to control them from one dashboard only. The dashboard would be logged in from a different room. So far the only way I can figure to do it is to have each rpi device run its own nodered and have its own dashboard, but that is not ideal for the purposes I am running it for. I also don’t want to use the browser based dashboard html output because the video files are huge and have disconnected or stayed stuck in buffer mode if I go that route.

Omxplayer is a CLI application and you can run it on the Pi that runs NR easily with an exec node, but to run it on some other Pi, you would have to somehow send a command to the pther pi and get it to run the command.

So your issue is how communicate between Pi's. One way would be to run a program on the other Pis (lets call them PiA and PiB) that subscribed to a MQTT topic and then have the control Pi (lets call it PiNR) publish a msg to the MQTT topic for PiA to get and a msg with a different topic for PiB.

Now you could have NR installed on PiA and PiB and make it easy to receive the MQTT msgs and run omxplayer or you can code a program or search for something else that will receive the MQTT msgs and put it on PiA and PiB but how to do that is up to you.

Personally, I would stick NR on all the Pi's mainly because I know it works and only have to deal with one tool.

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