Status for two Pis on one dashboard

I have Pi status displaying on a dashboard without any problems. I want to display the status of a second (or third) Pi on the same dashboard. Call them Pi-1 & Pi-2

Some data I can 'hard code' for the Pi-2 (such as 'ssh pi@10.x.x.x /usr/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp') to display the Temp of the Pi-2.

Other items, such a uptime, release version etc, display the data for the Pi-1. Node-Red is running on the Pi-1.

Any suggestions as to perhaps hard code the second inject node with the second pi IPAddress (or similar)


Two possibilities for you:
Option 1: have a flow on each Pi sending the data you want to the 'control pi' and you could display it.
Option 2: I've got a project I've been playing with that installed a python program on each pi. Then a master pi can send out an mqtt msg that each pi (with the python program) will receive, turn the command and publish an mqtt msg with the reply. Here is an example of the output

This is the overview:

and here is what you see if you click on the Hostname of one of the Pi's:

If you click on the IP address it will attempt to open NR on that device.

This is a work in progress that I'm tinkering on but I'm pretty happy with it. If you are interested you can take a look at the GitHub page for it and install it. (note: I do have two outstanding items to document and fix. the first is if the name of the user on the Pi is not 'pi' and the second is installing a cron entry to restart the service each night.

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Not sure what you are asking for, but it would be interesting to see your dashboard.

This is my Rapberry Pi status dashboard:

Each Pi has mosquitto_pub installed and a copy of a shell script to gather stats.
The script runs every 5 minutes from cron and uses mosquito_pub to send stats to Node-red.

The dashboard shows things such as CPU temperature and also whether Node-red, Mariadb, Mosquitto and PiHole are installed & running.

It can send email alerts if readings go above trigger levels, which has allowed me to spot lighttpd (PiHole) occasionally grabbing 100% CPU and the temperature soaring.

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