Status monitor RPI's within network

In my local network I use several RPi's and one of them runs Node-RED. Although I have found solutions to show system information like CPU temperature from the RPi on which Node-RED is installed, I want to monitor the other RPi's too.

Google did not help me, is anyone experienced with this and willing to advice or link?

Run a monitoring tool with an mqtt wrapper on those Pis? There’s several available for usage.

Potentially more that might be useful listed on the Awesome MQTT page:

You can then subscribe to those topics in node-red and do whatever you’d like to do with it :slight_smile:


Using MQTT is a route I had not thought about, I will try it. Thanks for your help!

The easiest way to do that may be to run node red on the others too.

If you want to monitor other system metrics as well, then Telegraf might be worth looking into.

There is an MQTT output, so you don't have to necessarily use it with InfluxDB (or any database). I am using this setup for some (virtual) machines where I am just interested in some nice live visualization with the Dashboard. :sunglasses:


I was going to suggest that too. I use Telegraf and you can output to MQTT if you want to or possibly better, write to InfluxDB so you get nice history. Cross-platform too and completely free!

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And setup is quite easy, too. I am using Debian, mostly, so I simply include their APT repo.

You just have to work through the docs a little, because there are many input and output plug-ins.
But once you have one instance running, the rest is a charm.

Absolutely, that does remind me I can display those values in Node-RED. So simple yet so easily overlooked :joy:

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Thanks all for your kind suggestions!