Dashboard disconnected

I understand that I don't have informations to give you but maybe others have the same problem.
In my house I have 5 tablets for the data of my home-automation, all the tablets are amazon fire ... (all the tablets work 24/24 - 365/365)

4 tablet show dashboard 1.0
and only 1 tablet show 1 dashboard 2.0 with some gauge for:
temerature in and out,
humidity out,
uv, rad, humidex index

Well, daily the dashboard show allo the gauge with 0 value and I'm forced to close and restart the dashboard .....

This happens randomly, one time, two time for day, often at night but even during the day.

On all the tablets I use fully kiosk browser and I have this problem only with the dashboard 2.0 (this tablet don't have update procedures set).

Any idea?

I know that @Colin has had a lot of experience of Dashboard on Android. We do force reconnection if there is an internet connection loss, etc.

Does a refresh of the page resolve it, or are you having to shutdown/restart the entire server?

No, only the refresh of the page resolve it ....

That definitely suggests it's a websocket issue then. Do you see any notifications appear about connection losses, etc?

What version number for @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard are you running? Around 1.10.0 (ish) we made a lot of improvements in this space

No, I don't see any notifications about connection...
My configuration is:

Node-RED version: v4.0.1
Node.js version: v20.15.0
Linux 6.1.21-v8+ arm LE
Dashborad version 3.6.5
Dashboard 2.0 v1.8.1
Raspberry Pi4 - SO raspberry

That is very old, current is 1.12.4. Upgrade and it may help a lot.

Ok ........

We are shipping/improving very fast, "old" here is two months ago - so it's not that bad

Yes, I thought that after I wrote it. Oldness is relative :slight_smile: