Dashboard editing name problems

NR 3.0.2
Dashboard 3.1.2

I am wanting to edit a name of a GROUP (?) on the screen.
Uplink Status to Infrastructure.

So I go to the EDIT screen and start to edit it.
This is where the wheels fall off.

I move the mouse to the Uplink Status and select the edit.

Screenshot from 2023-07-21 18-12-03


No, it is BedPi Telemetry/Uplink Status.

If I open that drop down there is no BedPi Telemetry shown.

Sorry... But I'm confused.

First clear the cache in the browser (via the browser menus) and refresh the page. If still wrong then what do you see if you click Edit against BedPi Telemetry in the right hand pane?

Did that. No luck.

Hoping I understand your request:

I looked at ALL the other groups and they too say events.
To try and work things out, I changed the name and it moved to events.
I dragged it back to where it should be and looked again.
Still showing events


When I deploy it, it is on the BedPi Telemetry screen.


(As below)

For the sake of trying:
I made a new group in the section.
When I then click on it's edit tab: It shows up as EVENTS and not BedPi Telemetry.

Show us the node red startup log, just in case it shows anything. Though I presume you have already checked there is nothing unusual there.

To get the log will I have to stop and restart NR?

That is certainly the easiest way


Or you could search back through syslog to find the last time you restarted, or there is probably a journalctl incantation that would find it.

This command will show you the node-red log since the last reboot, or the start of the journalctl log, whichever is later. If you have not rebooted recently then it probably won't have the start of the log, but only the last few days.
journalctl -b -u nodered

Very strange.
(Though seemingly typical for me)

Stopped and restarted NR.

Saw the log and waited for things to settle down.

Went through the motions of opening the edit option as shown above.

Now it is showing the correct path.

Of course.
Oh well. For now the problem is solved.

I presume you are running the latest version of the node-red-dashboard.

Well, ummm.... probably not.

I did state the version at the top:
Dashboard 3.1.2

Latest is 3.1.5

Ok, that may have addressed the problem I mentioned.
(Drats! While I had was doing the STOP/START I should have updated the nodes needing updating.)

Sorry.... A lot of other stuff going on and I am not dealing with it well.
:frowning: :sob:
But as the saying goes: Life wasn't mean to be easy.

3.5.0 I think.

ARGH yes.

Dyslexia sucks as well. :wink:

(and while doing this found ANOTHER problem!)

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