Something is going on with the Dashboards recently


I really don't need the attention this is going to get, but this has thrown me for a bit of a wobbly.

NR 19.03

I have a flow on a remote RPI.

It is nice. It works. No big deal.

I was just going over it tidying up the names I use.

So, in the dashboard, I have a "GROUP" and a couple of "sub-groups". (See attached)
The main group is CameaPi Telemetry
Then there is the default GROUP1 and GROUP2.

I wanted to change the two sub-groups to MACHINE DATA and CAMERA DATA.

As soon as I do that a whole can of worms pops up which I have never seen before.
(Either by luck, or..... something else)

So, here are the pics:

"Walk through of what I see":
1 - All good. See the "group name" and the 3 gauges on it.
2 - I move to EDIT GROUP 1 and this opens. I do not remember seeing the part shown in red being RED before. It maybe did have those words in it, but it either wasn't red, or said something else.
3 - I change the name to Machine Telemetry
4 - The group isn't renamed and the 3 things are now orphans.
Yeah, and that annoying "widgets not in a group" value has grown.

Granted I need to research that, but I keep pressing the "here" button and it goes away. Until I do something else and then it comes back.

(Be it another problem or related: I can't say. But what is going on with the renaming part?)



Which version of dashboard are you using ? It gets reported in the log when you start Node-RED.




Ok, 2.11.0 is out.

Although I don't mind updating, I would prefer not just blindly updating for no reason.
I've been down that path before and got into a bit of trouble.



No need. No fixes in the area under discussion since 2.9





Just to share:

While waiting, I decided to update to 2.11.0 from 2.10.1

Now I can do what I was trying to do and I am NOT getting the errors.

Is that........ to be expected? Normal?

Again: just sharing, because it didn't make sense to me.