Dashboard first page (not loading.html!)

Hello all,
I'm having trouble finding the page that loads before the loading.html that is located in node-red/node_modules/dashboard-evi/dist/

I have attached a screenshot of the page!

I think that is auto generated by android if you set the app to launch from desktop icon.
Anything you can change will be in index.html.

However this node is not owned or maintained by the project so you may need to contact the author directly via their github page.

We maintain the node-red-dashboard nodes ( NOT the -evi version ).

dashboard-evi just looks like a straight copy of node-red-dashboard? Is there any reason for using that over the actual Dashboard?

I don't have a particular reason! I guess it was on the raspberrypi repository that's how i got it!

Which raspberrypi repository? Nodes are normally installed from the central npm repository.

Ditch it and use the proper Dashboard.

I really don't remember, i installed it a year ago on a pi4!

You were right! It is indeed auto generated by chrome android. I tried it with Firefox and i don't see it anymore!

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