Dashboard - have gauges shown horizontally

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but when I add gauges to my dashboard they are placed one above the other, in a column, how do I get them to go/appear horizontally?

It's all a matter of setting the widths of the widgets and groups they are placed in.

For example, if you place two 6-unit-wide gauges in a group that is also 6-units wide (the default), then they will be forced to stack one about the other.

But if you set the group width to 12-units, then you'll be able to fit two 6-unit-wide gauges horizontally before it wraps to a second row.


Looking at the details, currently the gauge size is set to default which is ‘auto’ and the group size is indeed 6, so is auto supposed to something special - or is it just defaulting to 6 anyway hence the gauges are stacking up?

Auto fills the horizontal space in the group.

Ok, thanks but just to be clear, looking at your suggestion I need to change the size of my gauge from auto to 6 ? And then update the size of my group to 12 ?

if you set the group to 12, and have two widgets with a width of 6, they will show side by side depending on the width of the browser. If you fix the group width to 6 then they will be one under the other.

Thanks all.

My goal was to get 4 gauges horizontally, but there seems to be a limit on how wide the group can go, I can’t seem to set the group higher than 22, and also one of the gauges refuses to save as a 6x6 size, returning to 6x5 so they do not sit aligned on the bottom.

Is this a known bug ? (v0.19.2)

You can go as wide as you can stretch it... I'm currently up to 48. No reason why one gauge would do that - try cut and paste another one then rewire it.


Thanks - I have just tried it on a PC browser and it works fine

This looks to be a limitation/bug on the Safari IOS browser as that seems to have issues with resizing

Quick follow on question,..

How are the gauges sorted/ordered when added to a group on the dashboard ?
They seem to be random, not alphabetical?

They should be ordered as per the dashboard panel on the right

Doh, thanks for the reminder