Dashboard increase text font size - newbie

im creating a smart alarm clock with weather etc so im using the dashboard
the weather is updating perfectly and the widgets are starting to look nice the more i fiddle with how it looks.
something i just can't google the right answer, i need the displayed time (dashboard text) to be very large font. as its an alarm clock an i want the time to be super visual
it doesn't seem to change above 8 no matter which number i put in there
in the dashboard text value field i have
i have seen other references but they don't seem to work
any help please

Did you try this ?

yeah i did, it doesn't seem to work

hi i played a round a bunch more and finally got it to work using references to your link provided thank you!
my group names had spaces in them 'group 1' etc and i couldn't understand in the link how using '_' seemed to replace spaces. by renaming groups and things to names without spaces it was alot easier to work out,
it did for what ever reason delete all my prior set up groups so i had to reset them all up