Dashboard menu icons - not showing as expected

I have made a lot of advancement with the menu on the dashboard and using other icons than the default.

But this one isn't wanting to play the game.

The material design drag_indicator icon.

It isn't showing correctly.

I've copy/pasted the name from the web page, but that didn't change.
And as you can see the other two (Telemetry and Logging) are working.


try mi-drag_indicator

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(Dumb question) (But I always ask that kind)

Why does this one need the mi- prefix and the others don't?

The built in set (without mi) only have these icons
If you want the full latest set then we have to go get them from the internet, and the mi- is the trigger to do that. (And these won't work if you are not connected to the internet)

Ah. I guess I should have worked that out.


(Up to my neck in Arduino stuff too just now.)