Material design icons.... help

Sorry, I know I asked back in.... November 2021.

I sort of got an answer, but after my efforts, I am still confused.

I have a node (on a machine) and it has this for the code:

<div id="GButtonM_DCT">
    <md-button class="md-button program-names darkred">
        <i class="material-icons">
            <span> meeting_room</span>
            <md-tooltip>Door Control</md-tooltip>


(function($scope) {

$('#GButtonM_DCT').on('click', function(e) {
    e.preventDefault(); //prevent default behavior
    $scope.send({"topic":"momentary_regular","payload": "Door control"});

Looking at the link supplied, it seems a whole different flavour of icons.
I can see I have to install this new batch to get them.

But the one I just posted works.

I am wanting to find where those icons are with that name set.
Those are md-(name).
The new ones are mdi-(name).

Same but different.

Someone - please?

What link?


This thread:

This link:

Looks like the mdi come from the link you show while the md ones are from google fonts

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I'm up to my neck in other things just now.

I found the link from that page to where I can see them all.
I'll have to come back to it and make sure it works for me for getting the names.


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