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I just ran into this very same issue (text input node doesn't always send message on focus leave) today... and I have the same issue with trying to re-create it as quoted below.

Glad to know I'm not the only one suffering from this issue. Hopefully someone can help us find why (and how to fix it).

Here are some screen shots of the dashboard UI that I am having this issue with.

The text input fields boxed in yellow are the ones where I experience this issue. I originally had all of the fields set to a Delay of "0" because nothing needs to be continuously updated as it is being entered. After dealing with the issue, I changed all of the input fields in the "Marking Text" section to the default "300" to ensure they get updated when data is changed/entered. I needed to leave the three fields in the "Marking Parameters" section set to "0" however because as-is I get error messages as the numbers are entered because I am using a "Change node" with JSONata to cast those text fields as numbers after they are typed in (I understand that I can set those input fields to "number" mode but there is a specific reason I have them set to "text input").

As I am writing this up and closely looking at screen shots, I am now thinking the issue as something to do with the message at the bottom of the text input window that states...

Setting Delay to 0 waits for Enter or Tab key, to send input.

I am now thinking this means that it ignores the "Send value on focus leave" checkbox and ONLY sends with an Enter or Tab key press.

I would prefer it not ignore that checkbox and ALSO send on focus leave, but this is my best guess as to why it is behaving this way.

I quickly looked at the code for the ui_text_input node on GitHub and perhaps this line is what drives this behavior?


I had all of my text input with delay 0.

My process is that I wait for the field to be complete, then when the focus leaves or I press enter, I update the JSON and push it to a MySQL DB not to lose the data.

Updating every n milliseconds would generate way too many queries and slow down the application.

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