Node-Red Dashboard Text Input: send value on focus leave option

Hey node-red people,

Just curious--what does this option do exactly? "Send value on focus leave"

Hi @raspberry , If you take a look at node documentation:

The Delay (default : 300ms) sets the amount of time in milliseconds before the output is sent. Setting to 0 waits for "Enter" or "Tab" key to send. Enter will send payload but remain in focus. Tab will send payload and move to next field. Clicking elsewhere will also send the payload.

If it is activated, it means that when you enter text, it can be sent to the output when the delay time is up, or with the enter key or clicking anywhere on the dashboard, if it is disabled, it will depend on the configuration of the delay parameter (ms).

I hope it helps you!

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Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for the info! Makes sense now.

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