Dashboard text input-time picker blank when accessing UI

I have 2 tabs on the dashboard. On both of these tabs is text input(time picker mode), which communicates with Modbus and Modbus returns the info back to the picker(so time can be changed on PLC and on the dashboard)
Whenever I open the browser and access the UI(PC and mobile), the time is displayed correctly on the first tab, but whenever I switch to the 2nd tab, the time picker shows --:--. If I refresh the page the set time will show up. Or if I change the time, things work.
I have this box checked( If msg arrives on input, pass through to output:), but input msg goes through only if it is not the same as already set. On switch, for example, msg gets sent out regardless of the change in value or not.

I have run into this problem from time to time (state not being saved). The fix, add a UI Control node and set "Output" to "Change tab or group events only" or whatever best suits your needs. I normally send that to a function node that calculates the state of the downstream UI Control as that is typically part of my normal flow logic (i.e. either process msg or retrieve saved state from a context store). So you may have to play with it but at least that fires an event you can react to.

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