Dashboard time picker input refresh issue


i have an issue with text input node (configured as time picker). I have two tabs, which contain time picker inputs. When i switch between tabs, the time (e.g. 12:00) display changes to "--:--". Only when i refresh the browser, the time comes back.
Can you help me to find workaround for this issue?
Btw. normal text input works very well.
Browser: Chrome 72.0, Firefox (produces also other issues...)
Thanks in advance!



It seems I had this problem at one time with the numeric input.

What I had to do was essentially initialize the input with last known value. If the user changed the value, I would feed it back into the node. Seemed to work very well.



Hi seth350, thanks for the answer. I will test your proposal. Meanwhile i found a workaround - i use regular text input and a function node behind, which implements simple time format validation (hh:mm).