Ui_date_picker + ui_text_input (mode: time picker)

I am using ui_date_picker and an ui_text_input (mode: time picker) in order to get a specific data from the DB and put them in an ui_chart.

I realized one situation in the ui_data_picker. It returns the date, but it also return a "dirty part".
For example, if I select the day Oct 07 2019 it returns in the payload a value: 1570456275476.
If I convert the value from milliseconds to a human readable format I have:
Oct 07 2019 10:51:15.
As you can see, it returned a time period that I have called "dirty part", that seems to be the time I inserted the "ui_date_picker" in my flow.
So, to solve that I inject a known value of day that contain a value of hour equal to 12:00AM (0).

Another situation I got is about the ui_text_input (mode: time picker). The situation happens just once in the first moment I run node-red.
I try to inject a start value for the the ui_text_field but it does not update the dashboard web page.
I realized if I put a value manually in the dashboard field and after I inject the value I had tried before then it updates .

Google Chrome:
Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The first problem (the fact that the date picker returns a value with the time set to the time the node was added to the flow is a known issue that was discussed here recently.