Date Picker adding odd time

HI - I've added a date picker node to my dashboard. When I look at the output and convert that unix timestamp to a real date time (e.g. on, it always seems to set the time to 9:10am (UTC). I was assuming that the date picker would output the timestamp with the time set to midnight.

What I am trying to do is build a dashboard where you can specify the start date/time and end date/time for a filter - date picker gives date, then I have dropdowns allowing choice of hour (in 24 hour format). I then simply add the selected hours to the selected date. But since the timestamp from the date picker already has hours set (at 9:10 am), of course the output is then wrong.

What is causing the date picker to set this odd hour/minute?

Could you export your flow and attach it to a reply - see this thread for instructions

Are you injecting anything into the date picker? If an inject node is set to timestamp and you inject that into the date picker I think it will be set to your current time, and remain like that, until you inject something else.