Dashboard UI Label


I'm adding some UI widgets into a subflow of which I have multiple copies.
I'd like to set the label for these widgets using environment variables, but I can't find a efficient and reliable method to achieve this.

The label text can be set to {{msg.label}} which works, but msg.label must be included in every message to the node otherwise the label goes blank. Also, with the chart this method is not reliable with the label later appearing blank despite msg.label being included in every message (for reasons I haven't yet determined).

I haven't found a way to use the msg.ui_control property.

Is there a method I've missed?

Ideally I believe the label should be set using the msg.ui_control property, for example msg.ui_control.label. This would be consistent with other UI settings and I believe reduce the processing load and network traffic using the {{msg.label}} method.

currently the label (and some other key attributes) are excluded from ui_control... but in principle I can't see why not to allow it.. - though need to check order of precedence in the node - I think if set via ui_control then that would overwrite/block the use of {{msg.label}} style in the edit config etc... And also for most nodes needs a refresh of the page before the change takes effect ...

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