Dashboard UI List, resize chart as items add

Hi Folks,

Im using the UI List node, it seems to work well, however when "size" set to auto, it only adjusts its size according to the content it contained when the flow was started or UI page refreshed (F5). Is there a way of getting the UI list to recalculate its size within the flow?


Notice the scrollbar on the right? If I refresh the UI page, the list is stretched so as not to require the scrollbar.

Thanks in advance.

Not really no. I f it was very dynamic it could cause the whole page to re-layout by pushing things into different columns etc so would look really bad.

Thanks for your response @dceejay.

Just a thought though - if this is the case - doesn't it apply anyway with the UI-Lists "Auto" size feature?

Auto means it will be the full width of the UI group, any other value allows you to make it smaller than the group but not bigger !

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