Dashboard template - dynamic sizing?

Is there any way, however fudgey, to resize a dashboard block dynamically to accommodate the contents of a template node?

For example, just the height would need changing.

you could try sending a change tab command via ui_control . Sending a blank "" should refresh the same tab and the resize logic may then work as the content is now there to be measured.... or may not.

TL;DR sending a "" doesn't work. It does the same as refreshing the browser window, which also doesn't work. Any other ideas?

I've done some more testing. Note, Dashboard Template nodes are set to "auto" size.

  • When I first deploy, with dashboard open in another browser windows, it doesn't size correctly:

  • When I refresh the browser window, no change

  • When I browse to another Dashboard tab, then come back, it's fixed:

  • If I then refresh the browser window, it's broken again

  • If I send a +1 then a -1 to a UI Control node, it's fixed (but this isn't practical)

  • If I send a "" to UI Control node, it does the same as refreshing the browser window, i.e. it's borked... that would be practical but it doesn't work :frowning:

Any other clues?