Pros/Cons of changing Dashboard Sizing

I am starting to use template nodes to do much of what I want on the dashboard, but have started to wonder about the sizing that is driven from the sizing choices made on the dasboard's site tab shown here with the default values.
When I was using many of the fine UI nodes, I found that they naturally fit well inside the default sizing, but now I occasionally find the sizing awkward.

What would the drawback be of changing the 1x1 Widget size to something smaller to give more flexibility?
I was thinking that perhaps I should even change it to 1 and 1, recognizing that I would then have to go back and change a current 3x2 to be 144x96, etc. but this might allow me to make a group exactly 1037 wide if my made up device had exactly that number of pixels across in the display instead of losing ground if the display is not some multiple of 48x48.

a lot of things like spacing and internal margins, font sizes, etc are based off the basic grid - you can't really go much smaller than about 24 or 28 before it gets painful. If you really want full flexibility then you need to look at things like node-red-contrib-component-dashboard or node-red-contrib-uibuilder where you have full control over the front end UI.

Thanks for the feedback. I am glad to get it before I started to far down this path only to get bitten by something I wouldn't have realized was there.

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