Dashboard doesn't render correct size for UI Template - how to fix?

How do I fix this problem? (see below: it's me hitting F5 repeatedly showing it renders differently each time. The full table is what is desired)

For reference, the code is just a very simple table as below:

<h3>Register of Light Fixtures</h3>

    <tr style="font-weight:800; background-color:rgba(20,20,20,.6);">
    <tr ng-repeat="(key, value) in msg.fixtures">
        <td style="color:#888;">{{value.created_time}} {{value.created_date}}</td>
        <td><md-button ng-click="send({action: 'delete', topic: key})">Del</md-button></td>

Set a fixed size ?

I guess this is an option for dashboards that don't vary in size too much. Wondered if there was another way. I guess not :no_mouth:

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