Dashboard ui widget Status Map

I would like to gather some ideas and experiences about implementing a status map, similar
to those ones you can see in Zabbix or Nagios.
So you will have a large background, with icons changing color according to the status.
My idea was using a map node-ui widget, where instead of the world map, i would use my custom large image. In this case then it would be easier to overlay the icons, and update them according the new status.
Have you ever implemented something like that? are there some samples around?


not exactly that I'm aware of. There is is node-red-contrib-ui-heatmap that is (obviously) a heatmap style widget, that reflects the values within a large grid area. Or the node-red-contrib-ui-led that is just a single led, that you could use lots of...
(Or indeed the worldmap that is an actual map)
or you can use these for inspiration or how-to...