Dashboard2 ui-chart timeseries colors

Sorry, only now I remember to do a small test

And if I have a chart receiving data from two inject nodes.

Even if I refresh the page the old data is still there, and the new data is added normally.

The chart will receive a message with "history" uppon loading from the store. As long i don't send a message with empty payload to clear the chart.

Just a edit, to avoid multiple posts.

I am able to have the same behavior.
The issue is that upon page refresh or change tab, there is a chance that the chart receives first a message from the inject node (with just a single series) before receiving the message with the previous history:

This was after a page refresh, first is received the message for topic "Kitchen" and only after that is received the message with the history (the large message with size of 13696bytes).

Even using the ui-control/ui-event may not be sufficient to avoid this behaviour consistently