Dashboards with node-RED

Hi everyone!

My name is Serhii Kozlov

I’m the co-founder of an extreme no-code platform with Node-RED as one of the components. We‘ve made a big discovery from users about Node-RED to upgrade it and put it on the next level

Top pain points:

  • Disability to switch from the low code to regular code
  • Disability to create progressive UI
  • Deep JS knowledge is needed

We’ve fixed mostly all of the issues and we need your help to receive feedback on what we’ve done. For now, its 5 big challenges we’re facing, and need your contribution here

If it possible, please check the platform Platma and share your feedback on usability.

Let's contribute to the node-red community together!

Small pointer -

I don't think your link should be taking me to a login screen, without even telling me what I'm signing up for :thinking:

I think you may find this a barrier to getting users to look at you project (whatever it may be)

I have just gone through the signup process and shortly after was sent this email (extract)

First steps into Extreme No-Code

Greetings from PLATMA !

Our PLATMA Team is thankful for choosing our platform, and we welcome you onboard!

Now, you’ve started your journey with PLATMA . Your current Subscription Plan is “Trial SP ,” and you have ONE MONTH to acquire the taste of the Low/No-Code technologies.

You’ll get:

  • Unlimited capabilities and tools in UI Builder;
  • A powerful Flow builder tool;
  • Unlimited access to Databases;
  • Support and help in our User Guide, Chat, and Community.

So, don’t waste your time and start creating IT solutions using our UI Builder/Flow Builder/DB.

No technical skills are needed!

Don’t worry if you’re new to Extreme No-Code
We’ll support you every step of the way!

Let’s create together,

@TotallyInformation - Julian are you aware of this use of your code ?

It appears from the wording of the welcome email that there is one month free and then they intend to have some sort of charge

I don't believe its UI Builder as-in the Node-RED module that Julian has created. I think that is just what they are calling the UI Builder part of the application - which, as far as I can tell, isn't running in Node-RED.

Regardless of that, even if it was based on Julian's work, the Apache license applied to uibuilder would permit that type of usage - just in the same way Node-RED can be used commercially.

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No, but as it is Apache 2 licensed, they are well within their rights to use it. Of course, it would be nice to be notified and they absolutely need to include the license text in their docs somewhere. But that is true for the use of Node-RED itself since I used the same license as Node-RED. :slight_smile:


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