Dashboard Creation with Nore-RED

Hi everyone!

My name is Serhii Kozlov

I’m the co-founder of an extreme no-code platform with Node-RED as one of the components. We‘ve made a big discovery from users about Node-RED to upgrade it and put it on the next level

Top pain points:

  • Disability to switch from the low code to regular code
  • Disability to create progressive UI
  • Deep JS knowledge is needed

We’ve fixed mostly all of the issues and we need your help to receive feedback on what we’ve done. For now, its 5 big challenges we’re facing, and need your contribution here

Welcome to the Forums @Vladyslavv

I'm sure help will be provided when the right person swings by, but in the mean time, if we can ask not to double post.
but instead edit your post if you wish to modify it.

It will make providing help incredibly difficult. :grin:

See below:

Yes, thanks for that!

??? I have no issues with this. Node-RED easily allows me to mix JavaScript with flows.

Not sure what you mean. UIBUILDER allows any kind of data-driven UI to be created very easily.

For what? Certainly not for using JavaScript along side flows. I regularly use Node-RED to create a framework for running JavaScript.

As expected, more knowledge is needed if creating custom Nodes but really not that much.

Unfortunately, your other (duplicate) post has been blocked by another staff member because they felt it to be rather spammy. But given this is pretty much a duplicate, that one isn't needed anyway.

I have to say, having reviewed your website, some of the content did feel a little spammy and I would not currently be comfortable recommending it to enterprise customers. But then the nature of my work does tend to make me rather more than average paranoid. :slight_smile:

I took looked quickly at the website and viewed a couple of the videos on YouTube.

I don't think I could find a single screenshot of an app created with the product, much less a walk-through of the process of building it.
Maybe these do exist and you could share URLs?

It was Node-red's ability to connect together low code with JavaScript, python, C, operating system utilities and external applications that first appealed to me.
I am unconvinced that a commercial product can greatly simplify connecting Node-red and Postgres or other databases. But as I said, maybe I missed something.

Strangest of all to me is the idea of natural language coding. Look through posts on this or any tech forum and see how many people are unable to describe their aims clearly and in English.

Good luck with your project but you have not sold it to me so far.

What is your target audience for your platform ? Did you do market research ?

It very much sounds like n8n, which already exists and is quite successful, node-red is more flexible if one needs to interact with hardware and/or uncommon protocols etc.