Data request that depends on data input

hello, I'm requesting data from a website to use in a project. However, I need to put the city and the type of tariff before getting the data, so that the http request and the html cannot pull the value

From the http request node help text

When configured within the node, the URL property can contain mustache-style tags. These allow the url to be constructed using values of the incoming message. For example, if the url is set to{{{topic}}} , it will have the value of msg.topic automatically inserted. Using {{{...}}} prevents mustache from escaping characters like / & etc

So if you had the msg properties set to string "text"
msg.two set to number 10

You could enter the url in the http request node as{{one}}&number={{two}}
The mustache template would convert it to

Alternatively you could leave the url input blank and constuct thr url prior to the http request node, setting it to msg.url and the http request node would use that url.
As the help text says

url (string)
If not configured in the node, this optional property sets the url of the request.
esse é o site que preciso retirar os dados mas preciso colocar os dados primeiro o que me impede usar o request

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this is the site where I need to get the data but I need to put the data first which prevents me from using the request

You need to post better questions with more explanation.

The issue you are having then is the site posts a form to fetch the data, you will have to replicate the form request, or use Nbrowser or Puppeteer Nodes to load the page with Javascript and submit the form. Neither is a simple task.

Captura de tela 2022-10-25 132912

preciso pegar alguns dados dessa pagina.

normalmente uso esses nó e funciona bem

porem na pagina que mandei acima não consigo pegar os dados.
creio que é devido ao formulário que pede antes de entrar nessa pagina. conforme na figura abaixo
Captura de tela 2022-10-25 132912

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