Data Scraping - Get the value of an input (html code) to Node Red

Hello Everyone,

I'm a student, and I'm startingfor a project I need to extract value from the localhost of my captor to InlfuxDB.

When I'm using the node "html", I can't get the value of the captor m0.

Do you have any idea for getting the value ? Do I need to change the node or programing my own node ?

thanks a lot for your help

If you change the output selection to "an object of any attributes of the elements", you can just get the attribute values.

Thanks for your answer
But When I'm change it I found this :

By searching, I found the jQuery code of the value and I'm wondering if it's possible to insert somewhere the jQuery code and get the value. Do you have any idea for helping me ?

That is because the value is empty. There is nothing there to send back, the output is "correct" in that sense which is also what your original output shows.

If you were expecting to see a value there, you have captured the screen before the value was entered.

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