DB2 - Gauge widget with DB2 1.2.0

Just updated and tried the changes to the Gauge widget.
Could the MD icon be larger? there appears to be lots of white space below the value, and currently the icon (& text) is disproportionately small compared to the payload value


Also, the gap between the label & the gauge appears excessive, as previously suggested

I realize that everyone will have their own opinion on 'sizes', and although they could be changed using CSS overide, it would be good to start from a happy medium.

Yeah, agree. Not much to celebrate with gauge widget with this update. By looking into it I still can't understand how it should work. For me it's in the sate of "back to drawing board" .. But this is me... I don't know everything ..

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Understand the frustrations on the width/gap problems, it is recorded: UI Gauge - Improve sizing/layout at smaller sizes (1x and 2x widths) · Issue #557 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

It will get sorted, but its on a very long list of things for me to address, and I now only get 2 days a week (at best) on Dashboard development at the moment

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Most of my time for 1.2.0 has been the Reverse Proxy work and httpNodeRoot work, everything in 1.2.0 detailed here:

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If I get enough time to take deep dive into it, I'll do it. I have some doubts, nothing for sure. Definitely no dates to promise and don't count on me in that matter.

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The gap problem is coming from me having fixed 150/300px heights for the respective gauge types, this needs to be "smarter".

It should be a maximum of 150/300, but size in accordance with width of the group/widget and the gauge type.

The d3 will center 3/4 gauges, and move 1/2 gauges to the bottom of their respective svg's.

The gauge is auto sized based on the available space, so will always look at both width and height, and size accordingly.

I know how to fix it, just havent had the time to sort with other Dashboard priorities + FF product work + Recruitment work we are doing atm

I wouldn't call it that way, it is not gap problem but whole layout should be considered to behave in all possible layout configurations and that's a bit bigger thing. That's why I cant give "ten minute solution". It takes to dive in deep.

I see an additional config input box has been added to change the sub-labels - now 'units' & 'icons'.
I thought the original plan was;

check if props.unit has mdi- at start, if so, show an icon in place of the text.

so that there was only one input box, for either text or a MD icon, which sounded a cleaner approach, and makes things easier for new users.
Especially, if the icon/text size is increased, there would probably not be enough room for both an icon & text anyway.

Any further thoughts on my last post @joepavitt

Thanks for following this up. I got the e-mail to say you'd replied on Github, then I opened the issue and your comment wasn't there? Hadn't seen it come in here!

It wasn't me that implemented it, but I was happy with the direction taken as it does offer more flexibility - i.e. both icon and text.

I agree though that improvements are required on the general icon/payload value sizings. My loose thinkings here are:

  • icon only: larger font size
  • icon and text: as is now
  • text only: as is now

Sanity check - I'm not going insane, I definitely received it as a GH notification, not Discourse:

I had not seen the change of thought until your latest version was published, and I commented on the git issue.
However, I then noted that the issue had already been closed earlier, and wasn't therefore sure if you would get an alert, so I deleted it, and posted in the forum thread instead.

I just feel that having 2 input config boxes to update 1 field is not a good approach, and which is not seen elsewhere in node-Red, whilst your original suggestion seemed logical, a good all-round solution, and fulfilling the issue that I had raised.

not sure what you mean by this? Why isn't this pattern similar to elsewhere? No different to the icon/label approach for ui-button?

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The ui-button label is only updated via 1 box in the config - Label, and there isn't a second box.


Whilst the gauge now has 2 boxes... both of which write to the same sub-label.


That's only because I haven't yet been able to port over the icon property for ui-button. In Dashboard 1.0, they were two separate fields:

I haven't used db1 for years, so don't know about that.
I'll leave it to you to decide !

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