Debug main.js of node-red-dashboard in vscode: vendor folder in src is missing

I am trying to enhance the dialog node in node-red-dashboard.
Therefore I have changed locally the main.js file under node-red-dashboard/src.
Now I want to debug the file in vscode. Therefore I installed
-> node-red
-> node-red-dashboard
in node-red/.node-red folder and removed the node-red-dashboard/dist folder as mentioned in
Developers section under:
My assumption is, that instead of using the index.html file in dist folder, the index.html file in folder src is used. But there are several references to a "vendor" folder under src, that does not exist.
Where or how do I get the vendor folder to start the debugging of src/main.js?

BR, Reimund


The way I do this is...

  1. Install node-red
  2. Clone dashboard locally
  3. npm i /path/to/dashboard
  4. run code in VSCode for debugging following this thread
    1. For server side code, add debug stop points
    2. For client side code, add debugger statements (or console.log statements) and look for them in the browsers console

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your answer. This is exactly what I try for several hours now - with different variations on where to install the node-red-dashboard and my own node:
in .node-red directly or under nod-red folder or in separate folders not under .node-red. But whenever I do this, the application is alway running on app.min.js. Therefore I have at least removed the dist folder, but now I'm facing the issue with the references to the missing vendor folder under node-red-dashboard/src. I have sucessfully debugged my application, but only with app.min.js - when I rebuild it with gulp, but I want to debug the main.js file. Is this also possible?
Sure, I can use the app.min.js version, but the original files will be better to debug.

BR, Reimund

Once again my question:

Is there any way to debug the original main.js and not just the app.min.js file of node-red-dashboard
I followed the steps mentioned and I can debug frontend and backend coding very well, but ....

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