Debug node Text colour option

would it be possible to assign a different colour to the text in the debug window, say you are watching 4 debug messages , you could assign blue to one green to another etc and colour the enable button on the debug to match the text colour, this would be really helpful for checking replied messages etc.

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There are already 2 options for you, albeit without colors;

  • Give the debug node a name, it will show up in the debug output
  • Click the "node: 1234553dcds" text and it will highlight/blink the node that generated it

Other options:

  • There are some custom logging nodes
  • The example custom Node-RED logger that I posted recently also gives another option if you use uibuilder to provide the web ui :grinning:

its mainly for monitoring when not near the pc, a visual que more than anything, im working with multiple networks , NMEA2k, NMEA0183 ,RS232, 485 and 422 devices all connected up. @TotallyInformation , ill have a look for your example.

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