Color-coded Debugger entries

I'd like to color code debug levels and/or put a flag to say, "My color."

Scenario: QA guy is hitting NodeRED app while I'm trying to squash bugs reported by QA guy. However, in my testing I'm attempting to watch while the debug log explodes and I find myself scrolling through way too many entries to find the ones I need in my debugging activities.

What I can imagine is: Custom debug levels (kinda like winston) with their own set of colors. Then, I could, node.my_level(some debug message). That would work great.
It would make sense to me to simply make the existing levels render in different colors as a first step:

It seems there is a visual distinction between "warn" and "error", so I need to find that and figure out how to add me own style.
node.warn = yellow side nub
node.error = red side nub.
It should allow a user to add a custom debugging level.
node.neil = rainbow striped gradient background

Take a look at the topic that got posted this morning related to the debugger window

Thanks! @afelix

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