Decode "object: date:" in an mqtt frame


I have Lora devices and a LoraWan Gateway to transmit in MQTT the information of devices

here is one of them : (the one of the Dragino LDS02)

applicationID: "3"
applicationName: "Rak7268"
devEUI: "a840414c*****"
deviceName: "Dragino detecteur"
timestamp: 1677784040
fCnt: 222
fPort: 10
data: "0C2A0100007900000000"
data_encode: "hexstring"
adr: true
rxInfo: array[1]
0: object
txInfo: object
frequency: 867300000
dr: 5

In node-red I try to decode the flag "data" which contains hexadicimals.

Here is the decoder for TTN dragino-end-node-decoder/LDS02 at main · dragino/dragino-end-node-decoder · GitHub. But how can I use it for node-red?

Thanks in advance for your answers

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