Deepstack Error: Input buffer contains unsupported image format


A new deepstack problem.
Running this on a Nvidia Jetson.

If I send a picture using a http request node and a function node it's working perfect.

But when I use node-red-contrib-deepstack
I get Input buffer contains unsupported image format.

have spent sever hours now to get this to work.

Anyone knows if sharp has any log file? or how I can locate the problem?

  • build options
    native win32: no
    native OS X: no
    open files in binary mode: no
    enable debug: no
    enable deprecated library components: yes
    enable docs with gtkdoc: no
    gobject introspection: no
    enable radiance support: yes
    enable analyze support: yes
    enable PPM support: yes

  • optional dependencies
    use fftw3 for FFT: no
    Magick package: none
    Magick API version: none
    load with libMagick: no
    save with libMagick: no
    accelerate loops with orc: yes
    (requires orc-0.4.11 or later)
    ICC profile support with lcms: no
    file import with niftiio: no
    file import with libheif: no
    file import with OpenEXR: no
    file import with OpenSlide: no
    (requires openslide-3.3.0 or later)
    file import with matio: no
    PDF import with PDFium: no
    PDF import with poppler-glib: no
    (requires poppler-glib 0.16.0 or later)
    SVG import with librsvg-2.0: no
    (requires librsvg-2.0 2.34.0 or later)
    zlib: yes
    file import with cfitsio: no
    file import/export with libwebp: no
    (requires libwebp, libwebpmux, libwebpdemux 0.6.0 or later)
    text rendering with pangoft2: yes
    file import/export with libspng: no
    (requires libspng-0.6 or later)
    file import/export with libpng: yes (pkg-config libpng >= 1.2.9)
    (requires libpng-1.2.9 or later)
    support 8bpp PNG quantisation: no
    (requires libimagequant)
    file import/export with libtiff: no
    file import/export with giflib: no
    file import/export with libjpeg: yes (pkg-config)
    image pyramid export: no
    (requires libgsf-1 1.14.26 or later)
    use libexif to load/save JPEG metadata: no

Now type 'make' to compile vips

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