Define IP of a configuration node with a context variable


Are there some opportunities to define the IP address of a configuration node with a context variable? There are no errors when I'm trying it with flow.set(), flow.get(), but it doesn't work.

I use version 5.13.3 of node-red-contrib-modbus
Node-RED version v1.1.3
Docker v using the WSL2 based engine

Thank You in advance!

Hi @densalzmann

unless the modbus node uses an input like you see in the Inject node to select a context property, then it is unlikely to support it.

The alternative is whether the node allows you to provide the value via a message property - the sidebar help for the node should let you know what message properties you can use to config the node's behaviour.

Hi @knolleary

Sorry, do you meant to try to send the IP via a msg variable? I have also tried to send the IP via a msg.ip_server from the inject node. But it stays the same: I don't recive any error message, but it doesn't work.
The funny thing is that I tried to send the Port to the configuration node via a msg variable and it works, but gives me also an error: "Invalid properties - server". Could it depend on the data type, which the "host" or the "server" fields has to receive?

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