Delay Node is it the "Wrong Way Round?"

Yes, Maybe, No?
I have had a brief look and see nothing like this, but I did miss that bus!
The "Delay Node" woks well but looks rubbish in a flow, why?
When I see a flow with a delay that feeds back the flow looks messy and, for me, a bit less easy for the eye to follow.
I would like the option to make the delay node have its input on the right and output on the left.
Does this exist?

I suspect that it may not be a wonderful idea as it will be the "Wrong Way Round", I like the possibility!
Maybe I should make a new node?

I think it is un-changable that inputs are on the left and outputs on the right.

To me that makes sense. Reading left to right. The signal goes into the node, is delayed and sent out the right side.

Can you share an example of what you mean? Why is this particular to the Delay node? Surely any node could have a wire that connects to a node that is positioned to the left of it.

Inputs and outputs are not swappable.

Totally agree but the flow would look less twisted.
I suspect that you are right however and it is not reversible.
I think, if possible, it would need a great graphic to highlight its "wrongness".

One way to avoid the loop back is to use two link nodes, one going out on the right hand side and another picking it up again on the left.


When you select one of the links it shows the path back.


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If you change this (or any) node's "direction" then anyone connecting the output forward in the normal direction, as I do, would have to have loops for their flows, so it's better to have a standard convention that everyone understands.

As @Colin mentioned you can use link nodes, or just spend a bit of time tidying up the flows to keep everything neat (my approach).

I have just tried this, moments before you suggested it, it does look tidier.
Looking and then asking the question made me think about this, more so, so that was good.
Great suggestion, thanks.

I sort of agree, hence the "Yes, Maybe No!" in the question.
I have now tried the Link in/out, as suggested, and it looks tidier.

My tidier, now, flow. Thanks

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